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Power Points

Sedlacek, W. E.  Evaluating diversity programs. Workshop presented at conference on Diversity, Learning, and Institutional change, Association of American Colleges and Universities
Redondo Beach, California, April 3-4, 1998.
Evaluating Diversity Programs.ppt

Klingaman, E. A., Risco, C. M., & Sedlacek, W. E.. A helpseeking profile of  international students.
Poster presented at the International Counseling Psychology Association Conference, Chicago, March 6-9, 2008.
A helpseeking profile of international students.ppt

Sedlacek, W.E. Presentation to faculty and students at the University of Maryland College of Education entitled “Diversity Measures: New and Forgotten”
College Park, MD, March 14, 2008
Diversity Measures: New and Forgotten.ppt

Sedlacek, W. E.  “Conducting research that makes a difference” Presentation to graduate students at Morgan State University, Gaithersburg, MD, Feb 13, 2010.
Conducting Research That Makes a Difference.ppt 

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